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About us

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School and Therapy Center  School of Life in Rybnik

Address: 44-217 Rybnik
Orzepowicka Str. 15a
Phone: (32) 4226407
Mail: sekretariat@szkolazycia.rybnik.pl


About us:

The School and Therapy Center in Rybnik is a public educational institution for children and youth with a special educational needs, with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities, and with autism spectrum disorder.

The center consists of:

Kindergarten for children at the age of 3–9

We do our best to children’s stay in our kindergarten was filled with fun, which will bring educational and therapeutic value in a way that is imperceptible to them. Work with a child is based on the Individual Educational and Therapeutic Program, which is presented to parents and approved by them.
The number of pupils in the groups and their composition depends on the level of functioning of children and the specificity of their disabilities. A teacher and a teacher’s assistant work in each group. It is also possible to implement a one-year pre-school preparation as part of individual education at the child’s home.
This year, classes in kindergarten are held from 8:00 to 15:00. During this time, children participate in:
– daily 5-hour blocks of pre-school education classes, carried out based on applicable core curriculum.
– 3 hours a week of specialized therapy as part of individual classes and early development support classes.

Primary  School for students at the age of 7-20

Primary School is dedicated for students with moderate and severe intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum and multiple disabilities. Education is based on the integral implementation of the didactic, educational and caring functions of the school. The priority in the education of students is to develop personal, communicative and social competences that will allow them to live as independently and worthily as possible and became valuable adults.

Education is divided into two stages:
Stage I: grades 1 – 3 (integrated education)
Stage II: grades 4 – 8 (subject education is divided into following subjects: personal and social functioning activities, developing communication activities, developing creativity activities, physical education, religion).
The base of the student’s education makes the Individual Educational and Therapeutic Program, developed and implemented by a team of teachers and specialists working with the student. It contains realistic, detailed goals, tasks and content, which are in the zone of the closest development of the student. Each class in primary school is entitled to therapy classes in number of 10 hours a week, divided among all students in the class.. The type and number of classes depends on the individual needs of the student.

Educational and  Therapy  Groups for  children and youth with profound intellectual disability at the age of 3-25

Group classes are carried out at school. Individual classes are conducted by teachers, as well as by a physiotherapist, at the pupil’s home.
Classes are held from 7.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.
Revalidation and education classes are conducted in permanent groups, every day for 4 hours. In addition, the pupils participate in therapeutic and recreational classes, also conducted in groups.


A day in our school:

• We are open form 7 am to 4 pm.
• The classroom activities are organized mostly from 8am to 1 pm.
• We offer lunch for all in our school at 12.00
• At the afternoon beside continuing the class activities we provide individual rehabilitation and therapy or activities in the common rooms
We provide students with a bus transport to school.

Our team:

A large team of around 80 people work and teach in the “School of life”.
Among them are:
• Special educational needs (SEN) teachers of preschool, primary school and educational and rehabilitation groups
• Psychologist
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation therapists
• Teacher’s assistants
Specialist medical care is provided by a team of nurses, so it is possible to administer drugs to the pupils and students during their stay at school.

Therapies and specialist classes:

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC)
Speech therapy
Sensory Integration (SI)
Postural defects correction
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
Animal therapy
Vision therapy
Tomatis method therapy
Hand therapy
Sherborne – Developmental Movement method of therapy
Art therapy
Polysensory stimulation
Classes in training kitchen
Developing sensory perception
We organize psychological and pedagogical help for students attending to the kindergarten, school, center, and their parents and teachers. We support parents and teachers in solving educational and behavioral problems, and developing their educational skills. The use of psychological and pedagogical help is voluntary and free of charge.

Additional occupations:

As part of developing students’ interests and talents, we offer a number of additional activities, including:

„BAJ” theater group
It was established in 1991 on the initiative of Jolanta Skinder – Antosz and Anetta Gawrysiak. Currently, our students are working under the watchful eye of Monika Ryszka.
The scenarios of the performances are written by teachers and are based on the well-known works of children’s literature. The productions, regardless of the theme, enrich young actors in a comprehensive way, greatly influencing the building of relations between them. It is during trials that the elders look after the younger ones and become role models for them to learn from one another.
The set design of each performance is an extremely important part of artistic expression. Its interaction with the performance as a whole is the result of the efforts of many people.

Special Olympics Club PROMYK Rybnik
Operates at the School and Therapy Center “School of Life” in Rybnik. It was founded on the initiative of Anetta Gawrysiak in 1994. as the Local Section of the Silesian Branch of the Special Olympics Association Poland. The main goal of its activity is organization of training and sports competitions in various sports, for children and adults with intellectual disabilities.

Currently we practice in following sports divisions:
– summer disciplines: swimming, football, athletics, basketball, bowling, tennis, table tennis, horse riding, bocce, badminton, sports gymnastics,
– winter disciplines: downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing.

We also participate in:
– classes: road cycling, golf, canoeing, sailing, roller skating, speed skating, volleyball.
– Special Olympics Motor Activity Training Program (MATP program)
– classes for future players of Special Olympics – Program Young Athletes of Special Olympics,
– summer and winter sports camps,
– sports integration events.

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